The price of PLEX

PLEX price has been called into question over the past couple of months with speculation all over the place as to where it would go.  Anyone with a little knowledge on PLEX was under the belief that following the final little drop on January 1st the price would begin to climb.  This is where it becomes clear that MoxNix, who claims to be a pro trader, has no idea how the market work.  Here’s his prediction from the end of December:

I fully expect the downward to trend to continue. If the existing trend continues at the same rate PLEX will be selling for around 650 million each in another month.

A cursory glance at the markets already shows that the price of PLEX is back hovering over the 800-820m mark, so unless the market collapses sometime in the next 20 days, we know this to be false.  PLEX is already beginning to recover, and with Christmas often having lower prices and with fanfest coming up in march, it should do very well.  Of course he knows this now as it’s plain to see, which is why he is switching all of his trading alts to work with PLEX.  It’s astounding that he can post up something so clearly wrong, then blog about how he’s going to heavily trade PLEX without acknowledging that it shows that he is aware his previous claim was totally incorrect.

Separately, he’s recently displayed that he claims to have more knowledge than he does in other areas too.  He undertook a huge monologue with one of the other trolls on his blog, claiming to be a computer expert, yet today’s post said he bought this for the PC he is building:

Win 8.1 (full version, not OEM)

A computer expert would know that the OEM version is the full version, it’s simply supplied without packaging and can only be sold when buying hardware (which he was).  I guess that when you’re on the internet though, everyone can be a self proclaimed computer expert and market guru.


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