Waah! The bot!

So the fake MoxNix has been back for a day, and already he’s crying on about the “bot” in Malma.  This time he’s already giving us clear evidence that this player is a nolifer and not a bot, as if CCP not banning him for 3 years isn’t enough.  He claims that

I waited more than 15 minutes before cutting again, it only took 58 seconds for him to respond this time. That’s pretty much standard operating procedure for him, the first cut might take 4 or 5 minutes before he responds but subsequent cuts are responded to even more quickly, usually less than 1 minute, regardless if I wait 5 minutes or several hours between my own cuts.

The reason the first cut takes longer is because he wasn’t expecting it.  Once he is expecting it he actively watches his orders knowing that he’s got other active orders competing with him.  A bot would cut as soon as it is able, so there would be no difference between the first cut and subsequent cuts.

How long this will go on for is anyone’s guess.  He’s now naming the poor guy obviously hoping more people report him and that a GM who is not paying close enough attention will ban him.  It’s a shame the other MoxNix is such a bad trader that he has to resort to these lies.

Since MoxNix is wondering – No, I’m not the trader you wrongfully claim is botting and the release of his name does not affect me at all.  I don’t think it will affect Vlad either, since CCP will have investigated him multiple times by now and concluded he is not a bot.


MoxNix does it again!

MoxNix is once again proving his lack of knowledge with PCs.  He’s posted a blog detailing how he got UEd 3.0 working on windows 8.1.  He used compatibility settings (shocking eh?) and the setting “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”.  This isn’t the amusing part, the amusing part is his reasoning:

Then I noticed a checkbox for high DPI settings. Since my GS502 gaming mouse is capable of up to 6400 DPI I figured that might be it.

Clearly he doesn’t realise that the setting there is for high DPI settings on the display, not on the mouse.  While these both use DPI, they are in no way related, and the compatibility settings would work no matter what moues he had plugged in.  Example of superior technical talents?  Clearly not.

MoxNix has also responded almost directly to my previous post.  He referred to me as a troll which is quite rude considering I’m simply a better version of him, but he responded nonetheless.  What he states is some differences between OEM and retail version of windows, expecting this to somehow prove he knows what he’s talking about.  In truth, it’s just proved that he is definitely out of date.  While OEM windows installation used to have more restrictions, following the release of windows 8 those restrictions are lifted.  Versions of windows 8 received through a hardware vendor are now no different from the standard retails versions of the same, minus the price tag.

Now if he were to go back in time and buy OEM windows 7, he’d technically have 2 of the restrictions he thinks he would.  But would they matter?  There’s the 32bit vs 64bit option, generally not an issue as these will usually work as long as you get the disc for each, and let’s face it, who’s using 32 bit these days?  Due to the way graphics cards are addressed and the need for massive amounts of RAM, you’d be hard pushed to put together a 32bit gaming rig that’s even half worth it.

Next there’s the PC transfer problem.  Generally not an issue unless you upgrade your motherboard, and even then, not actually a problem.  While it states it can’t be moved from one system to another, the real restriction is that you can’t try to activate twice within a certain time period (I believe this is 6 months) unless you call the free phone line and confirm i’s still on one machine.

Finally there’s support from Microsoft.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  If he really did have a clue about computing he’d not even consider support from Microsoft.  Single user support is beyond dire.  You can hang around on the phone a few hours just for them to never look at it, or you can do what someone with a day’s training does and just fix the issue yourself.  It’s a modern day PC, it’s not rocket science.  If he really did have a history in software development, he’d never need to call Microsoft support.

Note – I promise some more EVE content in the next post, no matter how much more he posts.

The price of PLEX

PLEX price has been called into question over the past couple of months with speculation all over the place as to where it would go.  Anyone with a little knowledge on PLEX was under the belief that following the final little drop on January 1st the price would begin to climb.  This is where it becomes clear that MoxNix, who claims to be a pro trader, has no idea how the market work.  Here’s his prediction from the end of December:

I fully expect the downward to trend to continue. If the existing trend continues at the same rate PLEX will be selling for around 650 million each in another month.

A cursory glance at the markets already shows that the price of PLEX is back hovering over the 800-820m mark, so unless the market collapses sometime in the next 20 days, we know this to be false.  PLEX is already beginning to recover, and with Christmas often having lower prices and with fanfest coming up in march, it should do very well.  Of course he knows this now as it’s plain to see, which is why he is switching all of his trading alts to work with PLEX.  It’s astounding that he can post up something so clearly wrong, then blog about how he’s going to heavily trade PLEX without acknowledging that it shows that he is aware his previous claim was totally incorrect.

Separately, he’s recently displayed that he claims to have more knowledge than he does in other areas too.  He undertook a huge monologue with one of the other trolls on his blog, claiming to be a computer expert, yet today’s post said he bought this for the PC he is building:

Win 8.1 (full version, not OEM)

A computer expert would know that the OEM version is the full version, it’s simply supplied without packaging and can only be sold when buying hardware (which he was).  I guess that when you’re on the internet though, everyone can be a self proclaimed computer expert and market guru.

MoxNix and his trolls

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know it all began around some comments made on MoxNix’s blog.  To cut a long story short, I disagreed that he knew for certain a player (who he has reported multiple times for months to CCP and CCP have not banned) is a botter.  When I did this, it set off something in his brain that caused him to go into an enormous fit of rage.  When I posted evidence the “bot” was in fact not a bot, he started moderating all of his comments so he could remove the truth, thus this blog and my venture into the world of blogging began, which I must say I’m enjoying.

Following that, I’d post a couple of things on his blog now and then, and see how he reacted.  Generally not trolling, some even in support, just to see whether he was able to tell which comments were me (which I made incredibly obvious).  He didn’t, most of them got though.  Little did I know however another troll as hard at work which forced him to move over to disqus comments, which is confusing since disqus comments are easier to troll on.  I was fully preprepared to continue my subtle semi-trolls on disqus, however it seems I was beaten to the punch.  Someone decided to go at him with some pretty colourful language while his blog was unmoderated, which was quite funny to watch.

Today he has posted up stating he is now going to whitelist comments.  So if you do plan on trolling, you have to be good for a little while, get yourself whitelisted, then when you know he will be in bed go nuts across his blog.  This is why the second simplest solution is to simply go with bloggers moderated comments.  The best solution is of course to not be an asshat and attract trolls in the first place.  A rookie trader swinging his weight around because he made a bit of isk over several years, acting like he’s some bigshot is unlikely to attract a positive attitude.

In addition to all of the above is my absolute favourite part of all of this.  I have no idea how many trolls he has attracted.  EVE is full of them, so there’s thousands of potentials, I could reel off names for eternity listing known trolls.  What I do know though is that he seems to be thinking we are all one person.  He knows I’m the commenter “Belgarion” on his blog, that’s undisputed fact.  He also seems to think I’m a random Belgarion who lives in Genesis (which as funny as it sounds is a complete coincidence, not hard with a popular name like that).  He also thinks I’m the “botter” he is accusing.  He first accused me of being a “Lucas alt” (Lucas is a commenter who trolled on his blog in the past), he thinks I’m the commenter who wrecked his disqus yesterday (no idea who that was), and he also seems to think I’m “plox”, who is a commenter that posted on the nosy gamer, his blog and has posted on my last blog post (which again, I have no idea who that is).

In truth, I’m none of these.  When I posted on his blog, I posted under this wordpress account only, but with a different nickname each time.  That’s why it was so funny that he didn’t notice the comments with my name linking to this blog.  Beyond this blog and the comments from this wordpress account I’ve had no interaction with him in game, on his blog or on other blogs.  This is just further convincing me of his serious delusional disorder.  MoxNix, if you do read this, I’ll be straight with you for a moment.  You may want to seek professional help.

I’m back, he’s back and so are the tears

I’m back from my nice Christmas getaway, and it seems I’m not the only one.  MoxNix is back, and what do you know, he’s already whining about the same non-existent botter.  His latest blog post goes on to describe how he reports the same guy for botting every week, then getting upset because he didn’t get banned (because it’s not a bot) started reporting him once per day, then when further getting upset, started reporting him every 5 minutes.  How does he not understand that if this was a bot CCP would have done something.  He isn’t, he’s simply an aggressive nolifing trader.  The fact that MoxNix is also able to be at the keyboard for the same length of time cutting at the same frequency should make it obvious that he’s working within human limits.  The more aggressively he attacks this other trader, the more he proves that the level of activity is sustainable by an actual player.

As you’ll no doubt know from previous posts, I’ve toyed around with this “bot”, and his behaviour is far too inconsistent to be anything more than an aggressive trader.  I’ve been more aggressively undercut in the hubs by people I’ve had conversations with and know for certain are not bots.  Unlike a rookie trader like MoxNix however, I understand the difference, and know how to deal with competition without losing my mind and screaming for CCP to come ban legitimate players I don’t like.  Knowing and accepting that it’s not a bot, there are better ways to fight him out of the market, but that requires competence, while MoxNix it seems runs on rage and tears.

Further to that he’s now started accusing me!  That’s right, the conspiracy theory knows no bounds.  Apparently when I chose to use the name “Belgarion”, an incredibly popular name from some books by David Eddings, to post on MoxNix’s blog I was not the only one, and someone in Genesis is using the same name (with a surname) and happened to buy a PLEX from MoxNix.  The funny thing is, I do live in Genesis anyway, and I have bought items from MoxNix, I’m just not that character.  And no MoxNix, I’m not an alt, friend, family, business partner or a random who thinks you are talking about me.  I’m a fellow trader (a superior one it seems) that can tell when someone is just making things up because they are too poor at trading to deal with legitimate competition.  I didn’t even read your blog before this, and picked Belgarion almost at random (I was re-reading The Malloreon at the time) when wordpress asked me for an alias.  Since you then decided that facts aren’t allowed on your blog, I’ve decided to dedicate just a little time to showing the world just how childish and full of crap you really are.  Thanks for helping with that.

Christmas is coming!

As happens every year in EVE Online, Christmas will be celebrated with gifts from CCP (Thanks CCP!) and many, many, many snowballs.  This year, CCP Falcon has confirmed that the festivities will begin on 18th December.  I’m curious as to what they will release this year.  In past years, limited edition items have been released which results in some pretty spectacular market craziness.  Hopefully this year they will have something spectacular.  Either way, I’ll see you on the 4-4 undock for snowballs and fireworks.

Oh, if you missed the o7 show by the way, it’s now available on YouTube for you to watch at your leisure.

Update: Christmas presents were released, which included 20 days of dual characters training!  My alts thank you CCP!  It did also make me realise though that I hate the drag and drop redeeming system in the launcher.  Since it also came with all the usual random items chronicling historic evens in EVE, it took far to many drags and drops to get it all.  Bring back the redeem all!

Finding Thera

If you’re having trouble finding Thera, the new wormhole version of Jita, there’s a new website called EvE-Scout, which gives a list of the locations of wormholes to Thera.  The information is player submitted, so you have to be careful you are not being misled and lured into a trap, but it seems to be mostly correct at the moment.

As is to be expected, kills in Thera are slowing down. with over a thousand kill in the first 24 hours, we’re now only up to 3000 kills, which is still a significant number but a marked decrease on the initial velocity.  Hopefully that will soon open up the market in Thera, which at the moment is a little bare.

If you haven’t been there yet, you should really go try it out, and now you know how to find it.

More talk about nonexistent botters

On the other Merchant Monarchy, the other guy is still going on about the botter.  In case you missed this before, the short of it is that MoxNix is trader who was aggressively undercut by a competitor.  When this happened MoxNix decided to accuse this trader of botting publicly claiming he had been botting for years.  While CCP had supposedly been informed, they had done nothing (obviously because the player was not a bot), and when others tried to test out this “bot” by competing with it, the claims he had made about the response and activity times turned out to be completely false.  You can read more about that here in one of my previous posts if you so wish.

Now he’s back claiming once again that there’s this botter, now claiming he must have been slowed down by release changes, rather than like many players simply playing less prior to Christmas.  Beyond this he’s making outrageous claims.  Here’s one from one of his comment on his own post.

I also know for a fact many high end guilds (talking guilds in the top 100 and top 1000 here) had botters in guild who sold other members gold. That was a great way for the botter to explain away large gold transactions.

“He’s a guild mate, I can’t raid but I can help the guild by giving members gold”.

No doubt it’s the same in Eve with corporations and alliances. After all doesn’t it always seem like whenever a major botter gets banned he’s a member of one of the largest corps / alliances?

This must either be incredibly ignorant or a complete fabrication.  The truth is that CCP don’t release who they ban for botting, so to say “doesn’t it always seem like whenever a major botter gets banned he’s a member of one of the largest corps / alliances” can’t be based on any information actually released by CCP.  Sure, people accuse other large alliances of botting, the same as they accuse them of everything else.  That doesn’t mean they actually are, and until CCP break their non-disclosure of information we can’t really see who is and isn’t botting.

It’s both intriguing and disturbing to watch a player with clear problems interacting with others trying to hard to discredit other players to put themselves ahead.  MoxNix: if you can’t handle competition when you are trading, then don’t bother trading.  Attacking other players in this way for playing against you makes you look sad and pathetic.  Simply be a better trader than your competition, if you can, and I don’t know, go do mining if you can’t.

Rhea Release Feature Tour

I like poking around on YouTube looking for newly released EVE videos from time to time.  Sometimes watching the game can be more thrilling than playing it, as you get to see things from a different perspective.  Having a look round today, I found the official Rhea feature tour, which showcases the additions for Rhea, which is quite cool.

I also managed to watch the o7 show last night.  While there were no real breaking news items discussed beyond the names of the next 3 expansions (Proteus – Tiamat – Scylla), they did mention the Caroline star urging people to keep an eye on it.  I’m hoping that means it will deliver some quality content, or at least an idea into where it’s going soon.