MoxNix and his trolls

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know it all began around some comments made on MoxNix’s blog.  To cut a long story short, I disagreed that he knew for certain a player (who he has reported multiple times for months to CCP and CCP have not banned) is a botter.  When I did this, it set off something in his brain that caused him to go into an enormous fit of rage.  When I posted evidence the “bot” was in fact not a bot, he started moderating all of his comments so he could remove the truth, thus this blog and my venture into the world of blogging began, which I must say I’m enjoying.

Following that, I’d post a couple of things on his blog now and then, and see how he reacted.  Generally not trolling, some even in support, just to see whether he was able to tell which comments were me (which I made incredibly obvious).  He didn’t, most of them got though.  Little did I know however another troll as hard at work which forced him to move over to disqus comments, which is confusing since disqus comments are easier to troll on.  I was fully preprepared to continue my subtle semi-trolls on disqus, however it seems I was beaten to the punch.  Someone decided to go at him with some pretty colourful language while his blog was unmoderated, which was quite funny to watch.

Today he has posted up stating he is now going to whitelist comments.  So if you do plan on trolling, you have to be good for a little while, get yourself whitelisted, then when you know he will be in bed go nuts across his blog.  This is why the second simplest solution is to simply go with bloggers moderated comments.  The best solution is of course to not be an asshat and attract trolls in the first place.  A rookie trader swinging his weight around because he made a bit of isk over several years, acting like he’s some bigshot is unlikely to attract a positive attitude.

In addition to all of the above is my absolute favourite part of all of this.  I have no idea how many trolls he has attracted.  EVE is full of them, so there’s thousands of potentials, I could reel off names for eternity listing known trolls.  What I do know though is that he seems to be thinking we are all one person.  He knows I’m the commenter “Belgarion” on his blog, that’s undisputed fact.  He also seems to think I’m a random Belgarion who lives in Genesis (which as funny as it sounds is a complete coincidence, not hard with a popular name like that).  He also thinks I’m the “botter” he is accusing.  He first accused me of being a “Lucas alt” (Lucas is a commenter who trolled on his blog in the past), he thinks I’m the commenter who wrecked his disqus yesterday (no idea who that was), and he also seems to think I’m “plox”, who is a commenter that posted on the nosy gamer, his blog and has posted on my last blog post (which again, I have no idea who that is).

In truth, I’m none of these.  When I posted on his blog, I posted under this wordpress account only, but with a different nickname each time.  That’s why it was so funny that he didn’t notice the comments with my name linking to this blog.  Beyond this blog and the comments from this wordpress account I’ve had no interaction with him in game, on his blog or on other blogs.  This is just further convincing me of his serious delusional disorder.  MoxNix, if you do read this, I’ll be straight with you for a moment.  You may want to seek professional help.


One thought on “MoxNix and his trolls

  1. OMG!
    I checked the link that Mix posted about one of his trolls. Tbh it looks like a trolling account. But because he’s now white-listing the comments, that PLOX guy moved on to reply to Moxs comments on Nosy’s blog. Folks that are unaware of what’s going on will find it non-sensical. I just find that to be an hilarious idea. More so if he keeps it up.

    So far he only did it once on a long winded post where he argues about a few of the claims that Mox makes. None of them is about the bot issue, and that’s kinda refreshing.


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