MoxNix does it again!

MoxNix is once again proving his lack of knowledge with PCs.  He’s posted a blog detailing how he got UEd 3.0 working on windows 8.1.  He used compatibility settings (shocking eh?) and the setting “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”.  This isn’t the amusing part, the amusing part is his reasoning:

Then I noticed a checkbox for high DPI settings. Since my GS502 gaming mouse is capable of up to 6400 DPI I figured that might be it.

Clearly he doesn’t realise that the setting there is for high DPI settings on the display, not on the mouse.  While these both use DPI, they are in no way related, and the compatibility settings would work no matter what moues he had plugged in.  Example of superior technical talents?  Clearly not.

MoxNix has also responded almost directly to my previous post.  He referred to me as a troll which is quite rude considering I’m simply a better version of him, but he responded nonetheless.  What he states is some differences between OEM and retail version of windows, expecting this to somehow prove he knows what he’s talking about.  In truth, it’s just proved that he is definitely out of date.  While OEM windows installation used to have more restrictions, following the release of windows 8 those restrictions are lifted.  Versions of windows 8 received through a hardware vendor are now no different from the standard retails versions of the same, minus the price tag.

Now if he were to go back in time and buy OEM windows 7, he’d technically have 2 of the restrictions he thinks he would.  But would they matter?  There’s the 32bit vs 64bit option, generally not an issue as these will usually work as long as you get the disc for each, and let’s face it, who’s using 32 bit these days?  Due to the way graphics cards are addressed and the need for massive amounts of RAM, you’d be hard pushed to put together a 32bit gaming rig that’s even half worth it.

Next there’s the PC transfer problem.  Generally not an issue unless you upgrade your motherboard, and even then, not actually a problem.  While it states it can’t be moved from one system to another, the real restriction is that you can’t try to activate twice within a certain time period (I believe this is 6 months) unless you call the free phone line and confirm i’s still on one machine.

Finally there’s support from Microsoft.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  If he really did have a clue about computing he’d not even consider support from Microsoft.  Single user support is beyond dire.  You can hang around on the phone a few hours just for them to never look at it, or you can do what someone with a day’s training does and just fix the issue yourself.  It’s a modern day PC, it’s not rocket science.  If he really did have a history in software development, he’d never need to call Microsoft support.

Note – I promise some more EVE content in the next post, no matter how much more he posts.


2 thoughts on “MoxNix does it again!

  1. “I’m not afraid to say what those items would be either. Sure people might read it and decide to jump into those markets but about all that’ll do is drive prices up (or maybe but far less likely drive them down) for a while. I’ll make bigger profits until they leave (which usually isn’t very long) and then it’ll go back to business as usual again.” – MoxNix, on January 8.

    “I’m probably going to have to stop posting specifics about items I buy and sell. Malma bot is almost certainly reading my blog. I posted a short list not very long ago and within 2-3 days he was all over half the items on it.” – MoxNix, on January 13.

    Now this is consistency.

    Also ironic that he keeps posting replies to your blog posts but won’t let you post on his. Looks like the internet equivalent of sticking his fingers into his ears and babbling incoherent… well, babble.

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    • Agreed, that seems to be his way. It is amusing that he was chest beating about how it’s not just OK, but beneficial for people to compete with him, then in the next breath complaining that he announces what he’s doing then people jump on it.


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