Thera – Death on Day 1

So I spent a lot of time in Thera yesterday, dodging people mostly.  It seems to be working, at least in the short term, as a place to bring people together for a good bit of killing.  If you look at zkillboard for Thera, there’s already 1500 kills that have taken place in the system which is pretty good.  The market as you can imagine is pretty terrible at the moment.  It’s difficult for people to get a lot of volume in there without getting thoroughly killed, but I expect that to start picking up eventually.  I don’t suppose it will become the next Jita like CCP hope, it might rival one of the null sec hubs for size one day.  I found some sort of intel channel being advertised in Jita called Thera-Intel.  It seems to be pretty empty of people, but there’s links in there to see current wormholes to Thera which seems to be kept moderately up to date, so it’s worth a look.  I’m hoping soon we’ll get a nice big clash to rival the size of fights they get in nullsec.  It would be amazing to see a free for all on that scale.


Rhea Released!

The latest release in EVE development cycle was released yesterday, Rhea.  The official patch notes can be found here.  Notably, this patch removes the need for jump clones, a new freighter, the Bowhead designed to carry fitted and unpackaged ships and adds a new type of wormhole, one with a station called Thera alongside 100 extra standard wormholes.  This is designed to be a new Jita like hub, with free combat right outside.

Along with these notable changes, there are countless fixes, and the introduction of their new physical rendering system which will help them improve graphics quality of objects in space.  A lot of work has also been done in expanding the lore around sleepers and Jovian tech, hopefully signally an imminent release of further new and exciting content.

Now, I’m not sure about the rest of you but I’m off to find Thera!