Finding Thera

If you’re having trouble finding Thera, the new wormhole version of Jita, there’s a new website called EvE-Scout, which gives a list of the locations of wormholes to Thera.  The information is player submitted, so you have to be careful you are not being misled and lured into a trap, but it seems to be mostly correct at the moment.

As is to be expected, kills in Thera are slowing down. with over a thousand kill in the first 24 hours, we’re now only up to 3000 kills, which is still a significant number but a marked decrease on the initial velocity.  Hopefully that will soon open up the market in Thera, which at the moment is a little bare.

If you haven’t been there yet, you should really go try it out, and now you know how to find it.

More talk about nonexistent botters

On the other Merchant Monarchy, the other guy is still going on about the botter.  In case you missed this before, the short of it is that MoxNix is trader who was aggressively undercut by a competitor.  When this happened MoxNix decided to accuse this trader of botting publicly claiming he had been botting for years.  While CCP had supposedly been informed, they had done nothing (obviously because the player was not a bot), and when others tried to test out this “bot” by competing with it, the claims he had made about the response and activity times turned out to be completely false.  You can read more about that here in one of my previous posts if you so wish.

Now he’s back claiming once again that there’s this botter, now claiming he must have been slowed down by release changes, rather than like many players simply playing less prior to Christmas.  Beyond this he’s making outrageous claims.  Here’s one from one of his comment on his own post.

I also know for a fact many high end guilds (talking guilds in the top 100 and top 1000 here) had botters in guild who sold other members gold. That was a great way for the botter to explain away large gold transactions.

“He’s a guild mate, I can’t raid but I can help the guild by giving members gold”.

No doubt it’s the same in Eve with corporations and alliances. After all doesn’t it always seem like whenever a major botter gets banned he’s a member of one of the largest corps / alliances?

This must either be incredibly ignorant or a complete fabrication.  The truth is that CCP don’t release who they ban for botting, so to say “doesn’t it always seem like whenever a major botter gets banned he’s a member of one of the largest corps / alliances” can’t be based on any information actually released by CCP.  Sure, people accuse other large alliances of botting, the same as they accuse them of everything else.  That doesn’t mean they actually are, and until CCP break their non-disclosure of information we can’t really see who is and isn’t botting.

It’s both intriguing and disturbing to watch a player with clear problems interacting with others trying to hard to discredit other players to put themselves ahead.  MoxNix: if you can’t handle competition when you are trading, then don’t bother trading.  Attacking other players in this way for playing against you makes you look sad and pathetic.  Simply be a better trader than your competition, if you can, and I don’t know, go do mining if you can’t.

Rhea Release Feature Tour

I like poking around on YouTube looking for newly released EVE videos from time to time.  Sometimes watching the game can be more thrilling than playing it, as you get to see things from a different perspective.  Having a look round today, I found the official Rhea feature tour, which showcases the additions for Rhea, which is quite cool.

I also managed to watch the o7 show last night.  While there were no real breaking news items discussed beyond the names of the next 3 expansions (Proteus – Tiamat – Scylla), they did mention the Caroline star urging people to keep an eye on it.  I’m hoping that means it will deliver some quality content, or at least an idea into where it’s going soon.

Thera – Death on Day 1

So I spent a lot of time in Thera yesterday, dodging people mostly.  It seems to be working, at least in the short term, as a place to bring people together for a good bit of killing.  If you look at zkillboard for Thera, there’s already 1500 kills that have taken place in the system which is pretty good.  The market as you can imagine is pretty terrible at the moment.  It’s difficult for people to get a lot of volume in there without getting thoroughly killed, but I expect that to start picking up eventually.  I don’t suppose it will become the next Jita like CCP hope, it might rival one of the null sec hubs for size one day.  I found some sort of intel channel being advertised in Jita called Thera-Intel.  It seems to be pretty empty of people, but there’s links in there to see current wormholes to Thera which seems to be kept moderately up to date, so it’s worth a look.  I’m hoping soon we’ll get a nice big clash to rival the size of fights they get in nullsec.  It would be amazing to see a free for all on that scale.

Rhea Released!

The latest release in EVE development cycle was released yesterday, Rhea.  The official patch notes can be found here.  Notably, this patch removes the need for jump clones, a new freighter, the Bowhead designed to carry fitted and unpackaged ships and adds a new type of wormhole, one with a station called Thera alongside 100 extra standard wormholes.  This is designed to be a new Jita like hub, with free combat right outside.

Along with these notable changes, there are countless fixes, and the introduction of their new physical rendering system which will help them improve graphics quality of objects in space.  A lot of work has also been done in expanding the lore around sleepers and Jovian tech, hopefully signally an imminent release of further new and exciting content.

Now, I’m not sure about the rest of you but I’m off to find Thera!

CCP Greyscale Leaves CCP

According to an article on, CCP Greyscale has left CCP.  Strangely there’s be no CCP announcement of the news yet, but according to TMC, another CCP developer has confirm this is the case.  This comes as quite a surprise, and is quite unfortunate.  It’s Greyscale’s team which has been working on he recent null sec rebalance, of which the jump changes were the first step.  While yes, his team will be quite capable of continuing without him, it’s still quite a blow to lose a dev with as much knowledge and drive as CCP Greyscale.  I’ll post an update if and when we receive more information.

“This is EVE” Trailer Competition

If you’ve not yet seen it, CCP have recently released their “This is EVE” trailer, which is their best one yet.  It uses recordings of players voice comms to give the viewer a taste of what it’s like to actually be playing the game rather than a standard theatrical trailer.  The video can be seen below.

Alongside this, CCP are now running a competition for players to submit their own “This is EVE” style videos.  Submissions need to be in by February 2015, and the prizes include large volumes of PLEX, Second Decade collectors editions and subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud.  Full details can be found in the dev blog here, and in the forum posts linked at the bottom of the dev blog.