“This is EVE” Trailer Competition

If you’ve not yet seen it, CCP have recently released their “This is EVE” trailer, which is their best one yet.  It uses recordings of players voice comms to give the viewer a taste of what it’s like to actually be playing the game rather than a standard theatrical trailer.  The video can be seen below.

Alongside this, CCP are now running a competition for players to submit their own “This is EVE” style videos.  Submissions need to be in by February 2015, and the prizes include large volumes of PLEX, Second Decade collectors editions and subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud.  Full details can be found in the dev blog here, and in the forum posts linked at the bottom of the dev blog.

Rixx Javix and Hats!

Over at EVEOGANDA, another EVE relate blog, Rixx Javix has recently posted about hats in EVE Online.  I wasn’t aware he was doing this, but he has been editing peoples EVE avatar pictures to give them hats, and the results are spectacular.  I urge you to take a look.

He also talks about the idea of hats being added to the character generator in EVE.  Hats in EVE Online I think is a brilliant idea.  It adds further depth and personality to characters allowing people to display their own flair.  I’d be fully in support of hats as an option, but there would have to be considerable variety in style and color to stop it from becoming too samey.  The ability to alter the primary and secondary color of a hat would be a good idea.

CSM 10 Elections

So the time for electing a new CSM is coming up.  Important choices will need to be made all round.  I’d recommend looking at the campaigns of Mike Azariah and Sabriz Adoudel as they both have some interesting ideas of how things should be done in CSM 10.  You can see all of the campaigns in the CSM campaigns section of the EVE Online forums.  Remember that your vote matters, so make it a good one!