Waah! The bot!

So the fake MoxNix has been back for a day, and already he’s crying on about the “bot” in Malma.  This time he’s already giving us clear evidence that this player is a nolifer and not a bot, as if CCP not banning him for 3 years isn’t enough.  He claims that

I waited more than 15 minutes before cutting again, it only took 58 seconds for him to respond this time. That’s pretty much standard operating procedure for him, the first cut might take 4 or 5 minutes before he responds but subsequent cuts are responded to even more quickly, usually less than 1 minute, regardless if I wait 5 minutes or several hours between my own cuts.

The reason the first cut takes longer is because he wasn’t expecting it.  Once he is expecting it he actively watches his orders knowing that he’s got other active orders competing with him.  A bot would cut as soon as it is able, so there would be no difference between the first cut and subsequent cuts.

How long this will go on for is anyone’s guess.  He’s now naming the poor guy obviously hoping more people report him and that a GM who is not paying close enough attention will ban him.  It’s a shame the other MoxNix is such a bad trader that he has to resort to these lies.

Since MoxNix is wondering – No, I’m not the trader you wrongfully claim is botting and the release of his name does not affect me at all.  I don’t think it will affect Vlad either, since CCP will have investigated him multiple times by now and concluded he is not a bot.


One thought on “Waah! The bot!

  1. Indeed you are not Vlad. But I am. I can also prove it. But I won’t just yet, all in due time. And the reason I won’t just yet will also be given, again in due time. Should anyone else post here claiming to be me, I shall let you know.

    I would like to say that there are a lot of fun times ahead. Alas, that will depend primarily on Moxnix, rather than myself. Although I have been somewhat disappointed at the fact that this issue has been treated in a binary mode, according to which I am either a botter, or I am a no-lifer. I won’t say that one of those is necessarily incorrect, but I will say that there are many other possibilities as well. Your readers will have to be the judges of that.



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