I’m back, he’s back and so are the tears

I’m back from my nice Christmas getaway, and it seems I’m not the only one.  MoxNix is back, and what do you know, he’s already whining about the same non-existent botter.  His latest blog post goes on to describe how he reports the same guy for botting every week, then getting upset because he didn’t get banned (because it’s not a bot) started reporting him once per day, then when further getting upset, started reporting him every 5 minutes.  How does he not understand that if this was a bot CCP would have done something.  He isn’t, he’s simply an aggressive nolifing trader.  The fact that MoxNix is also able to be at the keyboard for the same length of time cutting at the same frequency should make it obvious that he’s working within human limits.  The more aggressively he attacks this other trader, the more he proves that the level of activity is sustainable by an actual player.

As you’ll no doubt know from previous posts, I’ve toyed around with this “bot”, and his behaviour is far too inconsistent to be anything more than an aggressive trader.  I’ve been more aggressively undercut in the hubs by people I’ve had conversations with and know for certain are not bots.  Unlike a rookie trader like MoxNix however, I understand the difference, and know how to deal with competition without losing my mind and screaming for CCP to come ban legitimate players I don’t like.  Knowing and accepting that it’s not a bot, there are better ways to fight him out of the market, but that requires competence, while MoxNix it seems runs on rage and tears.

Further to that he’s now started accusing me!  That’s right, the conspiracy theory knows no bounds.  Apparently when I chose to use the name “Belgarion”, an incredibly popular name from some books by David Eddings, to post on MoxNix’s blog I was not the only one, and someone in Genesis is using the same name (with a surname) and happened to buy a PLEX from MoxNix.  The funny thing is, I do live in Genesis anyway, and I have bought items from MoxNix, I’m just not that character.  And no MoxNix, I’m not an alt, friend, family, business partner or a random who thinks you are talking about me.  I’m a fellow trader (a superior one it seems) that can tell when someone is just making things up because they are too poor at trading to deal with legitimate competition.  I didn’t even read your blog before this, and picked Belgarion almost at random (I was re-reading The Malloreon at the time) when wordpress asked me for an alias.  Since you then decided that facts aren’t allowed on your blog, I’ve decided to dedicate just a little time to showing the world just how childish and full of crap you really are.  Thanks for helping with that.


5 thoughts on “I’m back, he’s back and so are the tears

  1. It’s quite funny if you read the comments on his blog post. hamsandwichesforlunch mentions you and what you are doing here, and insinuates that you must have problems, yet he doesn’t seem to think Moxnix has issues while he’s spending his time reporting a player every 5 minutes. Clearly this is the more sane of the 2 blogs.


    • I like it! So are you the reason he’s moved over to disqus? It’s going to be funny when he finds out how much easier it is to create disposable disqus accounts.

      I like how he thinks everyone must be me though, like nobody else would dare say something bad to him, even though I’m a recent addition to his blog.


  2. Regardless of the reason that change was very fortunate as it allows people to see his email. Next obvious step is copy-paste said email onto google for extra free laughter. The intertubes never forget.


    [A] [PvE US] Prot Paladin looking for Hyjal/BT guild.

    by MoxNix » Thu May 29, 2008 5:46 pm
    About me:

    I’m a mature player from Canada who’s been playing WoW since original release. I’m pretty easygoing and like to have fun while raiding but I take my raiding seriously and expect the same from those I raid with.

    I’m the type of player where being present for that first kill is a lot more important than the loot he drops. Loot is secondary to me. As long as the loot distribution system is reasonably fair to everyone and isn’t heavily biased towards certain individuals or classes getting unfair priority over others I’m fine with allmost any loot system.

    I don’t like playing with people who are greedy, selfish, elitist or immature. I have very little tolerance for drama queens, obsessive control freaks and just plain jerks. I don’t like defeatist attitudes either, if your guild members tend not to show up for progression attempts or like to come up with reasons why you can’t do something or why you should call a raid early rather than coming up with solutions to problems and thinking out of the box to find ways to get the job done anyhow, then I’m not interested in joining your guild.

    I show up early for raids with 3 bags full of tanking gear, another bag full of consumeables and when applicable resist gear too. I’ve been a class lead for 2 different classes (paladin and mage) as well as raid leader and co-guildleader so I’m well aware of the issues leaders face and am very supportive of good leaders.

    We don’t do daylight savings time where I live so I’m on Mountain time half the year and Central time the other half. My work schedule is pretty flexible so I could make most raid schedules. I’m a night person though so I’d prefer a later raid start time.

    My paladin is my main, I also have a level 70 mage and lock.

    About my character:


    The paladin is the character I rolled at original release. Other than a short stint as Ret from around 45 to 60 I’ve been a tankadin the entire time. From 1.9 till the new talents came out just before TBC release I played a mage as my main. When the new talents came out, the paladin became my main again. I mostly tanked 5 mans and later Zul’Gurub pre-TBC (due to lack of tanking gear for paladins in MC/BWL) and raided MC/BWL/AQ on my mage alt. I’ve been a progression tank since TBC release up to Anetheron in Hyjal and Najentus in BT. I have esperience tanking on Vashji and Kael too though we never did kill either one.

    My spec is the standard cookie cutter 0/49/12 tank spec though I’ve been using it since long before it was considered the cookie cutter. This spec gives me maximum survivability with very good aggro too.

    My gear is a mix of T5, ZA and badge vendor loot. I have multiple tanking sets, the heavy duty prgression boss tanking set puts me at 16,797 health, 17,404 armor, 424 spell damage and about 23% dodge, 17% parry, 11% miss and 18% block… All unbuffed, without even kings or devotion aura. I also have several situational sets for aggro, avoidance, block, spell damage, etc. I can hit about 65% pure avoidance (dodge, parry, miss) and I can get over 92% towards passive uncrushability (pushing about 5% of crushes without Holy Shield up). I can hit 434 Fire resist (well beyond the resist cap) with Fire Resist aura a full set of badge vendor fire resistance gear plus some crafted and heroic drop fire resist gear. I also have full sets of crafted Arcane, Frost, Nature and Shadow resistance gear.

    In raids I often switch back and forth between the heavy duty set and the aggro set. I normally use Flask of Blinding light with either +30 stam or +23 spell damage food. For easy farm content I’ll usually use Elixir of Draenic Wisdom and Adept’s Elixir instead of the flask. Very very rarely I’ll use a Flask of Fortification for a real hard hitting progression boss. I’ll use scrolls of protection, agility and stamina on some progression attempts too. I allways have super mana and health potions or injectors and Nightmare Seeds on raids too.

    I’m looking for a progression tank position in a guild with mature players (18+ please). I’d prefer a guild that is currently progressing in BT and Hyjal over a guild that allready has them on farm though I would consider a BT/Hyjal farming guild too. I am a main tank and wouldn’t be happy in a guild that just wants a part-time trash/add/farm tank who heals for most boss fights. I don’t expect to be THE main tank, I prefer guilds where main tanking duties are shared by a team of tanks rather than guilds with one main tank (aka THE main tank) and a rigid pecking order for tanks.

    Contact Info:

    I am willing to server transfer for the right guild. I can be contacted via email to rmoxnix@yahoo.ca


  3. So maybe someone should start a campaign now. email Mox and tell him you love him. really do. He needs some internet love after spending the new years eve slaying imaginary drago.. bots. I meant bots


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