The Basements Dweller’s Need for Respect

Through reading blogs of players like MoxNix, I’ve reach the conclusion that there are certain types of player – likely living the the basement of their mother’s house like MoxNix – who are incapable of socializing with others yet have and intense desire to be respected by other players.  If you read though his blog it’s clear that the reason he lies, posts common topics repeating other players and blocks comments which go against him is because he’s desperately clawing, not to be liked by others, but to give the appearance of being agreed with by others.

By lying, he can put up false claims, such as his attack on an innocent competing trader he claims is botting.  By posting about common topics blindly repeating what others have said he can use them as a test to ensure things he talks about will be things others generally agree with.  Unique topics are difficult for him as successfully posting about a unique topic for yourself requires intellect and enough social skills to convey your thoughts.  Moderation of comments speaks for itself.  It’s easy to look like many people agree with you if almost everyone who doesn’t has their comments refused.

It’s a real shame that people have to live their lives like this.  I pity you MoxNix, I really do.


One thought on “The Basements Dweller’s Need for Respect

  1. This will likely not happen before the end of the current year. But shortly after that there will be plenty of tears coming from him. Whether he’ll post them on his blog, that’s another story.


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