The lies about botting

Over at the site run by Moxnix, there’s been posting about an EVE player he thinks is botting.  He likes to keep saying how the bot *always* undercuts in minutes, emphasis on the always, getting real mad every time someone suggest he might be wrong and the guy might just be a nolifer.  This will not do.

So I logged in one of my spare traders, took a trip to the region cut the price on the “botter”, and watched.  I was expecting it to be cut within minute, since he *always* does that.  But it didn’t happen.  25 minutes passed, and I thought, “well this isn’t a few minutes at all”, so I took a screenshot and posted it up on his site.  Did it appear? No, it did not.  And this is just one of many.  At least 10 posts with clear evidence or good arguments about the “botter” possibly not being a botter at all just never materialised.

obvious bot

So it appears that if you have anything to say that is against what moxnix is posting, the likelihood is he will moderate out your comment.  Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, and people should be able to exercise that right wherever they want, not get silenced when it shatters someone’s argument because they’re too precious to be proven wrong.

As for the “bot”, with further playing about it became starkly obvious that this was no bot at all, just a player with way too much time.  This was easy to tell as there were emotionally driven responses to changes in the orders if you posted yours quick enough, even with a margin trade order from one of his alts trying to inflate my prices without risk, as well as the order in the screenshot above reach 45 minutes in age before a different player sold to it with the “bot” still not cutting the order.  A bot would not do this.  Moxnix is just an angry rookie trader who gets mad at people undercutting his prices, and figures he can use his blog to push out lies against another player rather than simply improving his trading ability and beating him fairly.


He’s now come back on his site once again infuriated at the allegations laid against him, now claiming above all else that I’m another poster on his blog, and that somehow a bot not instantly cutting is somehow further proof of a bot.

MoxNix: The player you are attacking is *not* a bot. Bot’s don’t respond in the way this player has responded, and I’ve seen no evidence of any cutting that is beyond the realms of a human nolifer (and you claiming he *always* cuts you instantly is not evidence, it’s hearsay, and it’s biased).  You are obviously just furious that another player dares to compete with your market orders and compete well, so you slander him hoping that he will be scared off by your threats of CCP action.  Well CCP won’t act because he’s not a bot.


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